PORTABLE WEIGHBRIDGE HMT portable truck scales go anywhere. There is an immediate need for on-site vehicle weighing timber operations, road construction, asphalt facilities, quarries, or construction and clean-up sites. They quickly fill temporary needs when other scales fail or there are delays with foundation construction. The self-contained modular sections eliminate costly site preparation and allow for fast setup. Supported by a high-strength frams, our portable scales can be readily converted for installation as permanent, low-profile scales with 4 models to choose from, there's a model available to it. Sr. No Model Platform size Capacity Load Cell 01 HPB 753 7500 X 3000 mm² 40 / 50 Ton 2 02 HPB 903 9000 X 3000 mm² 40/50 Ton 2 03. HPB 123 12000 X 3000 mm² 60/80 Ton 4 04. HPB 163 16000 X 3000 mm² 80/100 Ton 4/6 Salient Features Overall height of less than 14 Inches Heavy duty mild steel deck plate Modular construction Easy to Erect, Dismantle and transport Minimal Installation cost Low cost of ownership

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